Nintendo DS: Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?

Cooking Guide Can't Decide What to Eat

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 Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? (Official English Title)

 Kochkurs - Was wollen wir heute kochen? (Germany)

 Cocina Conmigo ¿Qué Preparamos Hoy? (Spain)

 Shaberu! DS Oryori Navi (Japan)

 Release Date


 2007.07.20 (Japan)

 2008.06.20 (Europe)

 2008.07.03 (Australia)

 2008.11.24 (North America)






 Nintendo DS



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 With Over 250 Worldwide recipes! "Cooking Guide" is the Nintendo DS's digital cookbook.



250 Recipes from All Over the World


 Soups, Salads, Fish, Meat and Dessert recipes from the east to the west, Including Italy's pastas and France's desserts!


Australasia, Italy, Turkey, France, Vietnam

Peru, Mexico, North Africa, India

China, Korea, Japan



Featuring Voice-Recognition


 The game allows the user to pause, continue or go back to the previous step of the cooking by only talking to your DS!


 Simple voice commands include "Go Back!" "Continue" and "Repeat".



Nintendo DS Magnet Stand

 The Magnetic Stand can attach by magnet to surfaces (such as Fridges)!  It comes bundled with a touch pen that is linked to the Magnetic Stand.


 Official Accessory from Nintendo.

 Suitable for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

 Sold in Japan only. Available Online from Play-Asia.


 Product NO: NTR-A-ZST (JPN)

                   Magnetic Stand: NTR-022

                   Touch pen: NTR-024





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Cooking A-Z

Nintendo DS Cooking Guide Cant Decide What to Eat Cooking A-Z

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